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17 Wedding Gift Ideas Philippines

A wedding is a start of a new life.

That’s why Pinoys often give items that help newly wed couples get an easier start. Also, the friends and relatives also provide gifts that make the first few days of marriage more memorable and special. Couples are sure to appreciate those kinds of gifts.

Here are some of those wedding presents that lovely couples will appreciate:

1. Cash

This could be the most practical.

If the newly wed couple is moving to a new home, expenses are sure to accumulate especially at the beginning. Couples need to buy new stuff, pay rent, fix a few things at the apartment, and maybe put a down payment to a new home or vehicle.

Giving the bride and groom some cash (in a nice-looking envelope) will ease their burden. They can manage the cash themselves and buy stuff they need. It’s especially helpful because weddings these days cost a lot of money.

How much should you give to the couple? Some are willing to give 5 figures to the bride and groom. Some are also worried that what they’re giving is too high or too low.

It will help if you know how much the others (especially the Sponsors) are giving. Maybe ask a few of the couple’s friends and relatives about the amounts. This way, it won’t be nakakahiya because you didn’t give the lowest amount.

2. Cookware set

No matter how busy the husband and wife are, they will need cookwares to prepare their meals.

They will need a frying pan, takure, and mga kaserola. They will also need a set of knives, chopping board, and mga sandok. These items are all essential to any household.

You can give them a set of frying pans and some kaserolas. You can also give the couple a beautiful set of knives (with a matching knife case). Or you can also give them a complete set if you have the budget.

The bagong kasal will be glad if you give them a complete cookware set. It will help them get an easier start because they have fewer things to worry about. The cooking is already checked and they’ll be able to focus more on other things.

3. Kitchen appliances

Aside from cookware set, you can also give a kitchen appliance to the newly wed couple. A microwave oven, rice cooker, or a blender will be good enough. You can also give them a mini fridge that can serve them for a while.

Other people buy an electric kettle or pressure cooker. It depends on the couple’s needs or preferences. If the bride has higher than average cooking skills and knowledge, she might need a pressure cooker or steamer.

If you know the couple as coffee lovers, they’ll appreciate the electric kettle. They can easily boil water and have their coffee within minutes. If you want to go further, a coffee machine will also help them satisfy their caffeine cravings.

4. Dinnerware

A dinnerware set can include plates, bowls, glasses, platitos, cups, spoons, and forks. The bagong kasal will need those. The couple will especially appreciate it if the dinnerwares come with similar designs and share a common theme.

That’s why it’s good to buy all the items in a set. It’s better to look at if the plates and bowls share a common theme. It’s more orderly and the husband and wife are more likely to prefer matching items.

It’s also good to provide more than is necessary. 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 platitos, 2 spoons, and 2 forks won’t be enough. The couple will have visitors and they need extra items. Also, they need some extras in case the plates or glasses break.

5. Towels and some toiletries

Some friends and relatives also give towels to the couple. Like the cookware, dinnerware, and kitchen appliances mentioned above, towels are also essential.

If you feel that towels are too common (or someone you know has towels as her gifts), you can just buy bathrobes. These bathrobes can give a bit of luxury feeling to both the bride and groom.

Aside from towels and bathrobes, you can also add some toiletries to make it a nice package. You can give the bride some beauty soaps, lotions, and moisturizers. You can also give a spa kit (with body lotion, shower gel, beauty soap, and some aromas).

6. Pillows, bed sheet, blankets

Think of what people usually do in a day. This will help you come up with wedding gifts that the newly wed couple would find useful.

For example, people will eat, cook, and take a bath every day. That’s why above I mentioned dinnerware, cookware, and bathroom items. Aside from eating, cooking, and bathing, we also sleep. For that, we need pillows, bed sheets, and blankets.

It’s important to choose the high-quality and comfortable ones. We spend almost a third (or more) of our time on bed. It’s best to spend it in comfort.

Aside from quality and comfort, you should also think of the design. If you know the bride and groom to be minimalists, choose the comfortable pillows and blankets with plain designs. You can also give pillows with customized designs. They will appreciate it more and they’ll know that you took the time and effort.

7. Travel package

The above items are almost focused on function and everyday use. Aside from those, you can also give the couple something that will make their honeymoon extra special and memorable.

One of those things is the travel package. If you have the budget, you can give gift cards or discounted travel gift vouchers to the couple.

A 3-day stay in Boracay or other popular tourist destination will surely make the first few days of the couple after the wedding extra special. They’ll be able to unplug from work pressures and demands at home. They will surely remember it.

If your budget doesn’t allow it, maybe you can talk to a few friends and pool your resources. All of your contributions can take care both the trip and hotel accommodation. If you want to push it further and you find a good deal, you can also help the couple spend their honeymoon abroad.

8. Event tickets

Aside from out-of-town vacations, events can also make the newly wed couple’s days extra memorable and special.

They surely want to watch their favorite performers’ concert. If you know they’re die-hard fans of a particular band or singer, a concert ticket will certainly make their day.

A ticket to watch their favorite play will also be a treat. Both the husband and wife will enjoy watching, especially if they share common favorites and interests.

Before you buy tickets, take note of the couple’s favorites and wishlist. You can also look at their Facebook profiles and recent posts to check their Likes and favorites. You can also simply ask them but that will ruin the surprise.

9. Custom portraits

These are uncommon gifts. But the couple will surely be surprised if you give them one.

A custom illustration and portrait can make the couple smile. The portrait can show the essence of their relationship or just their ordinary day. The illustration can also show the fun side (especially if it’s cartoony) of both the bride and groom.

If you’re an artist and confident of your skills, you can make the portrait yourself. This could be time-consuming but it will be a labor of love. Or you can just ask someone else to do the portrait.

The portrait should be large enough and the frame of high quality. This way, the couple can proudly display it in their living room or bedroom.

10. Gift certificate

Some Pinoys choose gift cards or gift certificates. It’s convenient and provides freedom to the recipients.

For example, an SM Giftcard will allow the recipient to shop in different retail establishments. The couple can use the gift card to buy what they need or want. It’s similar to giving them a cash gift because you give them the choice.

Also, a gift card takes away the hassles from the giver. You can just hand over the gift card instead of buying an item (a kitchen appliance or any other home essential). You don’t have to bother with the choice and wrapping of the gift.

Aside from gift cards for shopping, some Pinoys also give gift certificates for massages to the bagong kasal. After months of stressful preparation, the couple deserves some (or complete) pampering.

The couple will surely appreciate a full body massage and complete spa treatment. They will be able to recharge and forget the pressures even just for a day.

11. Chess board (or other board games)

First, make sure the couple really loves chess. If they’re members of a chess club or they always join tournaments, a good quality chess board will surely delight them.

Wooden chess boards are heavy and bulky. Instead of those, you should just purchase a chess set with vinyl playing mat and plastic chess pieces. It’s lightweight and portable. The couple can bring it anywhere and store it conveniently in closets and other places.

If you know the couple to be a lover of words and thesaurus, a Scrabble board will delight them. Two to four players are required for each Scrabble game. This means the couple can play the game or they can play it with two of their close friends or relatives.

Other couples also enjoy other types of board games (some are uncommon). You can buy a few or purchase a high-quality and branded one for the bagong kasal.

12. Sports equipment

Sports promote fitness and enjoyment. Playing sports will help couples burn calories while enjoying their time together. It’s also a good way to promote competitiveness and improvement.

For that, they need some sporting goods and sportswear. You can give a basketball to the groom if that’s his sports. If the couple often spends time playing badminton, a good pair of racket will be a nice gift.

If the couple is not into sports but prioritize health and fitness, you can also give them fitness wear they can use whenever they exercise. This could be a challenge if you’re not sure of their body sizes. But it will be an easy task if you’re already familiar with what they usually wear.

13. Houseplants

Plants can add beauty and a natural feel to houses, apartments, and condos. In addition, they are environment-friendly and only require low maintenance.

Some houseplants are also known to remove household toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. In any case, houseplants are useful and add aesthetics to any place.

Some common indoor plants Filipino couples and families love in their homes are peace lily, spider plant, snake plant, and aloe vera. Some Pinoy couples also love small bamboo plants in their homes (bamboo adds a Zen feel to any place).

Other plants worth mentioning are the Chinese evergreen, African violet, dumb cane, rubber tree, and Queen Palm. But before you buy houseplants for the couple, check if these are toxic to pets. Also check the maintenance requirements so the couple can have the plants for long.

14. Home decorations

Many newly wed couples don’t want their new homes to be empty. They want to fill it with decors and accessories to add colour and warmth to the place.

Common home decors and accessories in many Pinoy homes are curtains, framed artworks or pictures, and flower vases. These items are almost an essential to any home. Without them, the place just looks empty and lifeless.

Take note of the color scheme of the couple’s home if you can have a peek. This will help you choose the right colors and designs. If you’re not sure of what to buy, just stick with the very light or very dark colors. They usually complement any background and color scheme.

You can also go for the trending colors such as Peach Echo, Snorkel Blue, and Serenity.

15. Handyman tools

Does the groom possess above average handyman skills? Can he fix anything inside and outside the home? He will surely like some handyman tools and a toolbox.

What are the common tools used for repairs? These are claw hammers, flathead and Philips screwdrivers, tape measure, wrenches, saw, and pliers. These tools will help him fix almost anything immediately whenever’s something wrong inside the home.

This is not a common wedding present. But if you’re certain the groom will like that, give him some tools and a good toolbox he can use in his new home.

16. Instant camera

At first, the couple can use this to document their early travels and first days together. Then, they can use the instant camera in other special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

It’s a different experience compared to using our smartphones to take pictures. It gives instant print images that we can see and touch. We can also compile those photos in a scrapbook or photo album. Anyone can get creative with the use of an instant camera.

When buying one, it’s good to go for the popular and reliable brands (such as Fujifilm). These are easy to use and can last for long. The couple might find good use with that instant camera for years.

17. Photo album and frames

This is where the photos go.

The photo album is like a book where people can turn the pages and know the story. It has a more personal feel because one can turn the pages (instead of just clicking and browsing through Facebook photos).

Another good thing about the photo album is we can only put a limited number of photos there. We can choose the ones that best show the memory and describe the feeling. It’s also more orderly because we can put similar photos in one page.

Picture frames also add emphasis and some beauty to the photo themselves. They can also be displayed and arranged in a way that adds sophistication to any home. For example, picture frames of different sizes can be arranged creatively.

Photo frames are affordable. You can include this with the photo album or other wedding gift items. This way, the bagong kasal will see more value in your gift.


There you have it. The key here is to think of what the couple needs or likes. You can either focus on function (household items) or experience (making their days memorable). In any case, it’s always good to give happily so that both you (the giver) and the recipient will be delighted.

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