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The Ultimate Sales Machine Summary

Here’s The Ultimate Sales Machine summary. Learn how to improve one part of your business just by spending an hour a week. Learn how to improve your sales, marketing, management, and more.


The Ultimate Sales Machine author Chet Holmes explains how to focus on key areas instead of mastering a thousand strategies to improve your business.

He also explains how to be more productive and get more results within less time. He explains how to minimize interruptions and how to get more done by taking action fast.

About the Author

Chet Holmes has an engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also got a masters in journalism at Northwestern University.

His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Fast Company, and other media outlets. You can learn more about him through his website.

Main takeaways: The Ultimate Sales Machine Summary

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from his book:

  1. If you touch it, take action.
  2. Never have more than 6 items on your to do list.
  3. Use education based marketing.

If you touch it, take action

The book is not all about sales as the title implies. It’s full of techniques and strategies everyone can use even if you’re not in sales.

Somehow there’s a relation. If you want to get more sales and make your company more profitable, you need to be more productive. You need to get more results in less time. That’s the way you can get the most out of your efforts.

When you’re implementing sales strategies, you also need to become more productive. But no matter what area you’re in, you need to adopt the time management secrets of billionaires.

Here’s one of their secrets. Once they touch something, they act on it. They don’t let memos, emails, and other tasks accumulate. They don’t read an email and not take any action on it. They always do something. Maybe they will delete it, delegate, or do something themselves. Whatever the case, they don’t let those tasks accumulate.

If you touch it, take action. That’s one of the keys to getting more done. It removes unnecessary stress. Your mind won’t be filled with needless worries and data.

Touch it once and get it off your desk. Then you can move on to other tasks. Do this every day and you’ll get more results in the long run. Plus, your mind will always be free to focus on the task at hand.

Never have more than 6 items in your to do list

This is also one of the keys to becoming more productive. If you have dozens of items in your list, you’ll get overwhelmed. Or you’ll do the ones that don’t really matter to your business.

You have to be selective on what to prioritize. You have limited time and energy. Even if you apply “touch it once and act on it”, getting too much on your plate won’t help you.

Even if you apply all the other productivity secrets, getting dozens of items on your to do list won’t guide your business to the right direction. The items might be in conflict with each other. Or you might be focusing on the wrong things. The most important ones were left in the bottom of your list.

Today set only 6 items on your to do list. It could be better if you can do fewer than that. This way you’ll be able to focus. You’ll be able to prioritize the most important tasks.

Use education based marketing

The first two lessons above are about productivity. In sales, marketing, management, and other areas, you need to be more productive if you want more results. You also need to focus if you want to get important things done.

Now we discuss some things about sales and marketing. If you want to get more customers for your business, use education based marketing.

It works this way. You teach them something of value to them. The goal is to educate them. The result is that you will attract more buyers.

Why? Give them useful information and you build your credibility. They will trust you more. This works better than selling to them directly. If you start being helpful, they will listen to you.

Sales and marketing is not all about pushing to the customer. It’s about attracting them. And one way to attract them is by giving useful information. This way they will see you as an expert. They will trust you. And one requirement for a purchase is for customers to trust you.

You’ve learned 2 of the productivity secrets of billionaires. You’ve also learned how education based marketing can help you earn the trust of your customers. Aside from those, you’ll also learn the following from The Ultimate Sales Machine book:

  • How to execute effective meetings
  • How to hire superstars
  • How to keep your clients and dramatically increase your profits
  • How to set up systems and execute them
  • What should you do step-by-step to land your dream clients

My personal takeaways

This is not about changing your mindset and motivating you to take action. This is about getting results. That is why the book is full of action steps you can do now to increase your sales and improve your business.

I learned more about time management. The author lists several strategies on how to become more productive. I also learned more on how to focus on results instead of doing the unnecessary.

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