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Here’s the TRANSCEND summary. Learn how to live long enough so you can take advantage of the future biotech and nanotech innovations.


TRANSCEND authors Ray Kurweil and Terry Grossman explain the tools and practices you can use to live longer. TRANSCEND is an acronym itself. It stands for Talk with your doctor, Relaxation, Assessment, Nutrition, Supplements, Calorie Reduction, Exercise, New Technologies, and Detoxification.

You will learn about how we get diseases and why you should eat less sugar starting today. You will also learn about some medical advances that will help humans live forever.

About the Authors

Ray Kurzweil is one of the leading inventors of our time. He has been described as “the restless genius” by the Wall Street Journal and the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison” by Inc. magazine.

Terry Grossman, M.D. focuses on longevity medical practice. His special field of interest is in nutritional and anti-aging medicine. He has already delivered anti-aging seminars in South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

Main takeaways: Transcend Summary

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from their book:

  1. Live long enough and you might live forever.
  2. Limit your sugar intake starting today.
  3. Our human body was designed to be exercised vigorously and regularly.

Live long enough and you might live forever

This is one of the key points in the Transcend book. The authors are providing practical tips so that people will live long enough. That’s because the decades ahead are exciting.

Medical and scientific breakthroughs are happening. Drugs can be tested on biological simulators. That shortens the development and testing time. Scientists also gain fast insights with that. The advance will be exponential in speed.

Researchers are also coming up with means to turn proteins and enzymes on or off. It means experts are now able to program or change biochemical processes. That is promising in the anti-aging field.

Nanotechnology is also promising. They can implant nanomachines with DNA, medications, and other therapeutic substances. Nanotechnology can also be useful in accurate medical diagnoses and imaging.

If you live long enough, you might be able to take advantage of the breakthroughs above. You might delay death and wait for more advances.

Limit your sugar intake starting today

It’s not just white sugar. Carbohydrates are ultimately converted into glucose during our digestion. If you want to live long enough, you should limit your sugar or carbohydrate intake.

Why? Our bodies were designed to environments thousands of years ago. What was happening during those times? Food was scarce. Our ancestors mostly ate foods rich in certain kinds of protein. In short their diet was low in carbohydrates.

But now most of what we eat are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Softdrinks, bread, white rice, cake, cookies, candies, and more. The result is that they are literally and slowly killing us.

How? The foods mentioned above are easily digested. They release glucose into our bloodstream at a faster rate. That triggers a rapid rise in our blood sugar level. Then our pancreas releases insulin to normalize our blood sugar level.

Our pancreas will be overworked if we continuously consume foods rich in carbohydrates in large amounts. Our cells also lose the sensitivity to insulin. It results to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, increased blood pressure, immune system inhibition, and more.

Lower your carbohydrate intake and you’ll avoid many diseases in the long run. That’s the first step you should do starting now. Start eating foods with low glycemic index and high fiber.

Our human body was designed to be exercised vigorously and regularly

It goes back to our ancestors’ lifestyles. Our ancestors didn’t have much problem getting physical exercise. It’s a necessity to their survival.

Our ancestors need to exert much effort to get food and escape from enemies and other threats. Physical activity is just a daily occurrence to them.

Contrast that to now. Our lives are more convenient compared to our ancestors.’ They had to walk miles each day just to get by. We, on the other hand, just have to sit all day and stare at our phones or computers all day.

In short our bodies are designed to get physical activity. If we don’t get enough of it, we suffer. Lack of exercise increases our risk to heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

We all know the benefits of getting enough exercise. But why don’t we do it? It also goes back to our ancestors. We always try to reserve energy in case of emergencies. Back then the emergencies were real and immediate. They had predators and other tribes to worry about. In addition the food was scarce.

Now we always have food in our tables and refrigerators. We don’t experience immediate threats. Most of the stress we encounter are not even real threats. But we still try to reserve our energies for the rare emergencies.

The conclusion is we need to exercise regularly. This way we can satisfy the needs of our body which was designed for the environment thousands of years ago.

We can go for a daily walk. Or play sports and do strenuous physical activities each week. That’s one of the keys to living longer.

Aside from waiting for the medical advances, limiting sugar intake, and exercising regularly, you can also learn the following from the Transcend book:

  • How to improve your digestion
  • How to improve your sleep and maintain your brain’s health
  • What causes cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndrome
  • How to relax and detoxify
  • What to eat so you maintain or improve your overall health

My personal takeaways

The book is full of scientific studies. The authors distilled the results and practical tips so the public will benefit.

The authors also explain the scientific processes behind our metabolism and how do we get diseases. I understood why we get common diseases using concepts from biology, chemistry, and evolutionary science.

Instead of reading random health articles, this book is a good start. It helps in building a solid foundation to our knowledge of health.

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