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The Magic of Thinking Big Summary

Here’s The Magic of Thinking Big summary. Think big and you will achieve more success and financial prosperity. Think big because it’s actually much easier than the other way around.


The Magic of Thinking Big author David Schwartz explains the power of belief. You can move mountains if you have faith. Wishing is not enough. If you believe in something, you will find ways on how to do it.

The size of your success is determined by the size of your thinking. We have different physical and mental capabilities. But ultimately, our beliefs will determine how high we rise in this world.

About the Author

Dr. David J. Schwartz was a professor at Georgia State University. He specialized in motivation, happiness, and leadership development.

He also wrote about the effect of environment on one’s thinking. He also talked about how people should approach self-development. After reading his book, you will feel empowered to think big and achieve more.

Main takeaways: The Magic of Thinking Big Summary

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from his book:

  1. Think success
  2. Think how successful people think
  3. Manage your environment

Think success

Don’t think of failure. If you always think of failure, you won’t act.

That’s the key. Failure thinking is discouraging. If you think you’ll fail before you even try, nothing will happen at all. You won’t explore the possibilities. You will give up early.

On the other hand, success thinking will give you motivation. You will come up with possibilities. If there’s a problem, you know you can come up with a solution easily.

Whatever you do, obstacles will come. Success thinking will help you overcome them. You will recognize they’re only natural. Those obstacles are just a part of the journey.

Say to yourself “I will succeed” whenever you do a project. That will give you the energy and motivation to go on. Think success and you will achieve success.

It might take some time but believe in it. Even failure takes time. Give it a shot and believe you’re going to be successful.

Think how successful people think

People achieved success because they think differently. They have a certain approach to things. With their mindset, they were able to achieve success easily.

Successful people focus on the big things. They also focus on winning. They easily come up with strategies that make them win. They don’t let petty things ruin their day.

They don’t let fear stop them. They just act instead. They know that once they start acting the fear will go away. They know action is the best solution to stop fear and achieve something.

Whenever you have a problem ask yourself: “How will a successful person handle this?” Surprisingly you will come up with a good solution.

Adopt success thinking and you’ll be surprised at the results. If you think and act like successful people, there will come a time you’ll also be a success.

Manage your environment

Your environment affects your thinking. If you’re always surrounded by failure thinking people, that will rub on you. Even if you have a strong will, their thinking will somehow have an effect on yours.

That’s why you need to manage your environment. Talk to people who are more successful than you. Talk to people who are ambitious. Once you do that, you will start adopting their thinking.

You will notice how they talk. You will also notice how they behave themselves. You will realize how they became successful. And then you will start talking and acting like them.

Aside from your social environment, you also need to manage your physical environment. Keep your home clean. Buy more high-quality clothes. Think first class.

Feed your brain with positive and successful thoughts. Read good books. Go to wonderful places. Think of yourself as a first class citizen. Think big and you will feel the confidence inside you.

Aside from thinking success and managing your environment, you will also learn the following from The Magic of Thinking Big book:

  • Turning defeat into victory
  • How to inspire people
  • How to set clear goals
  • How to develop a strong belief in yourself
  • How to think creatively

My personal takeaways

I realized I’m always thinking. Why not think big anyway?

I’ve learned that it’s the result of social conditioning and wrong assumptions. I thought that bigger goals require extraordinary amount of effort.

But I realized big goals might require less energy. Most people think small. That means the place for small goals is the most competitive. It’s hard to get a little success there.

But if I think big, I stand out. I find less competition. Thinking big also adds more fuel. I get more motivated because the potential rewards are compelling.

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