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How to Get Rich Summary

Here’s How to Get Rich summary. Getting rich is not easy. It is often hard work and lonely. Prepare yourself if you really want wealth.


How to Get Rich author Felix Dennis explains that getting rich is not a walk in the park. While reading the book, you might get discouraged. But if you don’t, you’ll feel more motivated than ever. You’ll know what it takes to get really rich.

The author told his stories and hardships. He also told the importance of being fearless and becoming a predator. Contrary to many other authors who say that getting rich is easy, he says that it’s actually likely you won’t make it. It’s hard and there’s a price to pay.

About the Author

Felix Dennis was an English publisher, author, poet, businessman, and philanthropist. He started selling magazines and slowly climbed his way up to become a multi-millionaire.

His publishing company created popular magazine titles such as Maxim. He became the sole owner of Dennis Publishing for many years because of his principle on ownership. He said in his book that if you want to be really rich, own as much as you can of your business.

Main takeaways: How to Get Rich Summary

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from his book:

  1. Getting really rich is hard work.
  2. Be a predator.
  3. Money couldn’t care less who brought you up or in what circumstances.

Getting really rich is hard work

If you want to be a multi-millionaire, pay the price. It’s that simple. But many think that if you just want to become really rich, the riches will come.

Think about all your acquaintances who wanted to become rich. Did any of them make it? What about your older colleagues? It’s likely they wanted to become rich but it didn’t happen.

Getting really rich (like you have millions in your name) takes lots of hard work. You might be forced to be a slave for days and nights for several years before you can have anything to show for it. You might also fail. You might also need to keep going even if everything in the world is against you.

Yes you might be spared from tons of work and pain when you get started. There’s a slight chance that you’ll get lucky on your first venture. But don’t count on it. Prepare yourself to do ugly work.

You even need to develop a thick skin while working on your way. People around you will try to discourage you. There are negative influences. Some will even try to stop you on your tracks.

But remember that getting rich is not easy for the most of us. Many of us don’t have the talent to become Hollywood or sports superstars. That’s why hard work is the only thing that will help us.

Be a predator

This is important. Getting rich is not for the weak. It’s for the strong who don’t allow anyone to stop them. You must be certain in yourself that you’re going to make it. You must seize opportunities like a predator. And don’t let anyone take it from you.

Rich people have varying intelligence and physical abilities. But they all act like a predator (especially if they’ve worked hard for it). We’ll see in their eyes how determined they are. They might even look intimidating because of their presence.

How to become a predator? First banish all your doubts. Commit yourself to becoming a rich person. Commit yourself to overcoming obstacles no matter what they are.

Problems are sure to come no matter how rich we are. Those problems are sure to filter out those weak-minded. But the strong and the predators will keep on pushing. They’re committed to winning, not just getting rich.

Money couldn’t care less who brought you up or in what circumstances

Money is a great equalizer. It doesn’t care about your college education, gender, your neighborhood and upbringing, your personality, your age, the color of your hair. They all don’t matter.

As long as you work hard and you provide people what they want, you get money. If you serve more and more people, you get rich. People don’t care how long it took you to serve them. What they care about is if you can give them what they want.

Well some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Many of us don’t have that privilege. But we can still work our way up. We should commit to getting rich and defending what we have acquired.

Getting rich is hard work and you need to adopt the predator attitude. It’s also a good news for all of us that we can actually work hard to achieve our goals. It doesn’t matter where we came from.

Aside from those, you’ll also learn the following from the How to Get Rich book:

  • The importance of getting into the right industry
  • Focus on execution instead of getting great ideas
  • Try to refuse to acknowledge the fear of failure
  • The importance of delegation
  • How to stay rich

My personal takeaways

The book is different from most of the self-help books out there. It focuses on reality. It even focuses on the ugly parts of getting rich. As I read, there are times that I feel discouraged. Then the next page I feel like I’m going to conquer the world.

Yes we might know a few who got it easy because of luck. We even have a tendency to focus on the overnight success. But we often forget the hard work behind the scenes. Many of the overnight successes are actually years or decades of hard work.

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