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7 Gary Halbert Copywriting Tips

Looking for Gary Halbert copywriting tips? Gary Halbert is one of the legendary copywriters. He focused on direct mail marketing.

However, his lessons are still important and applicable in online marketing. Here are some lessons from his long and successful copywriting career:

1. Selling is not all about tricks

If you’re already familiar with Gary Halbert’s work, you might have the impression that his writing is hyped. Well, it’s just his way to keep the people reading and engaged.

No matter what your offer is, you still need to reach the right audience. You should not trick people into buying products they don’t need.

You also need to master the fundamentals. Communicate better. Understand consumer psychology. Learn more about inbound marketing. And most important of all, understand your customer.

2. Use AIDA

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

First you’ve got to earn people’s Attention through a compelling ad or headline. Then you need to build up the Interest so they keep reading.

Next is you need to build the Desire. You do this by highlighting the benefits and features of your product. Finally, you need to tell them what to do next. Next Action could be buying your product, downloading your ebook, or signing up for a free trial.

3. Copy the best ads in your own handwriting

It’s the best way to improve your copywriting skills. You will learn how to write like one of the best.

You will also learn how to improve your sentences, use transition words and phrases, and emphasize flow in your writing.

Here are some of the classic ads you can start with:

You can also check out the works of the following copywriters:

4. Know what people already buy

Look at the numbers. Just don’t go where your instinct leads you.

If you’re creating a new product, know what already works. It’s risky if you introduce something revolutionary.

Maybe you’re thinking: “It’s much like copying my competition.” Well, if your competition has been doing it a long time, it’s already a proven formula.

At the start, sell what people are already buying. Look at the competition and improve your offer.

5. Personalize your offers

We can’t please everyone. That’s why we need to be selective on our target audience.

Personalizing your offers means “niching it down.” For example you choose a specific group of people such as doctors, marketing agencies, dentists, or real estate professionals.

Once you’ve chosen your target audience, you can personalize your message according to their needs, wants, and traits.

It’s much more effective and profitable. Once you’ve found success in one niche, you can do the same in others.

6. Read your content out loud

Why do that? Because it will help make your writing smoother.

You will spot the awkward words and phrases. You will also know if your sentences sound smooth to the readers’ ears.

Keep in mind that you should write like how you talk. And one way to do that is by actually reading your content.

7. Tell people how to order and tell them to do it now

Make it easy for your customers to buy. Don’t make them think. Guide them through each path (especially the buying part).

Also tell them to buy now. If they don’t buy now, you lose. It’s likely they won’t visit your site ever again.

After telling people to buy now, provide a compelling reason. Is it a limited-time offer? Or let them think what they’ll be losing if they don’t do something right now.

There you have it. Apply the lessons above if you want to improve your copywriting skills. Then you might sell more and earn more as a result.