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Deep Work Summary

Here’s the Deep Work summary. Learn how to produce more results in less time by applying deep work. Focus without distraction is a valuable skill in today’s world.


Deep Work author Cal Newport explains that in any profession, deep work is valuable. You’ll produce more and better results. Then you will derive more satisfaction from your work.

Aside from learning the importance of deep work, you’ll also learn science-backed techniques that will help you focus more. If you can focus on a cognitively demanding task for a long time, you gain a strong advantage.

About the Author

Cal Newport has written many articles about productivity, mastery, and study hacks. You can find most of them at his blog. There you will learn some of the best practices to apply deep work and become good at your field.

He has also written other books such as So Good They Can’t Ignore You. There you will learn why following your passion is bad advice. You will also learn why building your skills is far more important.

Main takeaways: Deep Work Summary

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from his book:

  1. Deep work will produce massive benefits.
  2. Practice being bored.
  3. Quit social media.

Deep work will produce massive benefits

Why? Because it’s now the era of distraction and interruption. People are now more prone to distraction because of technology. Knowledge workers are always shifting from one task to the next.

If you do more, you’ll produce more results. Actually, you’ll just get busier. Each of those tasks might not be of any value. Maybe they’re just there to fill the time.

Here’s another thing. Those who do deep work are rare. If you can do it, you immediately place yourself at the top.

Keep in mind that deep work is having focus on a cognitively demanding task. Few people now do it because we experience tons of interruptions around us.

It’s much easier to do this and that because they take less than 5 minutes of our attention. But in deep work, you need hours to produce something valuable. That’s how you will stand out.

Practice being bored

Yes. Stop glancing at your smartphone every now and then. An Internet Sabbath is not enough. You need to do it on a daily basis.

Look at the people you see in malls, bus stations, and other places. You see them looking at their smartphones. They’re always busy. They always check something out.

With that habit, our brains become rewired. We lose our ability to focus. Our minds always look for something quick and easy. We lose our ability to perform deep work.

Practice being bored. Sit still. While you’re on a bus or plane trip, just look around. Resist the urge to check your Facebook. It’s not easy. But you’ll be doing yourself a favor. You’ll be rewiring your brain to focus and perform deep work.

Quit social media

Log in to your Facebook or Twitter. It will only take a minute to check some things out. However, social media networks are designed for you to stay in.

You will receive annoying notifications. Updates are always coming in. Ads are competing for your attention. You will also see some updates from your favorite Pinoy celebrities.

It just doesn’t stop. Even if you only check social media after work, it’s still addicting. You shift your attention from one thing to the next. It also rewires your brain. That habit will also infect your work.

The solution is to quit social media. If you can’t do that, minimize your usage of it. Maybe you’ll get bored. You’ll miss some updates. But the world will still be fine even if you didn’t log in for a month.

If you’re serious about getting more deep work done, quit social media. Just work and let your work speak for itself. If you need to market your work, hire other people so you can focus on what you do best.

The key to performing deep work is to focus on your contribution. Then say no to everything else. Even if it’s just a short interruption, try to stay away from it.

If something doesn’t contribute to results and your satisfaction, take it away. Then you will have more time and energy for doing the actual work.

Aside from realizing the benefits of deep work, practicing being bored, and quitting social media, you will also read about the following from the Deep Work book:

  • Focusing on the hard things
  • Busyness doesn’t always equal to productivity
  • Set aside blocks of time for deep work
  • The importance of improving your memory skills
  • Schedule every minute of your day

My personal takeaways

I now know the importance of Deep Work. It will help me stand out and perform better.

Great acts take time. Writing this article took me more than an hour. This required some focus so I can finish on time. I didn’t check my Twitter or FB while writing this.

Deep Work is a timely book for young professionals. We need to learn how to focus in this distracted world. We also need to rewire our brain so that we can break free from novelties.

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