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Awaken the Giant Within Summary

Here’s the Awaken the Giant Within summary. Learn techniques and strategies to master your life, finances, emotions, and relationships.


Awaken the Giant Within author Tony Robbins provides a step-by-step program to help people reach their potential. His strategies will help people with their journey in self-mastery.

An expert in psychology of change, Tony Robbins has already helped people reach peak performance. You can learn more about the psychology of change in his book.

About the Author

Tony Robbins is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. He also has already been serving as a philanthropist for more than 3 decades.

As an entrepreneur, he has owned and managed multiple businesses. He knows his strategies work because he uses them for his own business and life.

Aside from Awaken the Giant within, he also wrote Unlimited Power and Money Master the Game. He also has a bestselling audio program called Personal Power.

Main takeaways: Awaken the Giant Within Summary

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from his book:

  1. Raise your standards.
  2. Model successful people.
  3. Manage your emotions.

Raise your standards

If you want to achieve bigger things, start thinking bigger.

You have to go for bigger goals. You have to set a higher standard for yourself and your work. That will give you extra fuel and motivation to get going.

If you raise your expectations about yourself, your mind comes up with ways on how to meet them. We will think no matter what we do. Why not think big?

Don’t settle for the mediocre. Aim for bigger things. Then you’ll be surprised how easy it is to achieve them. Everything takes work. It’s better to work on bigger goals.

Bigger goals also challenge you. You’ll feel the motivation. And people will listen to you. A few of them might help you. Many will question you. Remember this. People will critic you no matter how successful you are.

Model successful people

We learn best by imitation. Let’s take an example. You’re trying to learn basketball. You won’t learn much just by reading a book about it.

But watch people play the game. You will learn a lot in less time. You’ll actually learn the game. You’ll know exactly what to do because you’ve watched it.

The same way works with modeling successful people. It’s much more effective to watch them than read about them. Then you have to adopt their habits yourself.

Act like those successful people if you want to achieve success for yourself. They became successful because they do things a certain way. Learn and adopt their habits. Give it enough time and you’ll achieve some successes along the way.

By applying their habits and thought patterns, you condition yourself to success. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll know what it takes to achieve your goals. You’ll also feel that there’s nothing special about getting to success.

Manage your emotions

Emotions affect our daily lives. How we feel affects how we work. We won’t achieve much success if we can’t manage our emotions.

You will be more productive and energetic if you always have positive emotions. You will feel delighted whenever you work. That will help you work longer and smarter.

A relaxed mind and emotional state will also help us come up with creative strategies. Working longer (because we enjoy it) will help us stand out. We’ll get better in what we’re doing as a result.

Negative emotions will also bring about positive change. How? You will feel the compulsion to change if you’ve reached the emotional threshold. You’ll say to yourself “That’s enough!”

We’ll avoid the massive pain at all cost. The emotional threshold will change what and how we think. Our emotions will be at play when we work towards our goals.

Raising your standards, modeling successful people, and managing your emotions. Aside from those, you will also learn the following from the Awaken the Giant within book:

  • The vocabulary of success
  • How to set actionable goals
  • How to use pain and pleasure
  • How to change your limiting beliefs
  • How to ask yourself quality questions

My personal takeaways

The book is full of practical tips I can use on a daily basis. There are key sentences that made me pause and think.

“The secret to living is giving.” That’s what Tony Robbins said. I realized that to achieve success, I must give more.

Awakening the Giant Within is not just about improving one’s self. It’s also about how to give to others. It’s still about helping one another succeed.

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