Most of the books I’ve read have Acknowledgements. Why not put it also in websites and blogs?

That’s why I’m putting one here. I want to say thanks to the following (even though I’ve never met them or talked with them):

Derek Sivers. His website originally inspired the look for this site. It has a lot of white space and it’s just cool. I also like reading his articles and book notes.

Raam Dev. He made Independent Publisher. That’s the theme I’m using for this site. I chose it because it’s clean.

Tam Pham. I emailed him and he responded with a message full of solid feedback and suggestions. I learned from him how to be generous with my time and knowledge.

Jon Yongfook. I’ve read his Growth Hacking Handbook. I’m now applying the lessons and tactics.

Li Ka-shing. I’m learning everything I can about him. He is the entrepreneur.