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100 Random Productivity Tips

Here are 100 random productivity tips. Some are obvious. Some are not. Just read this and apply a few if you want to get more results in less time.

Productivity tips

  1. Eliminate the unnecessary tasks. This helps you get more time for the necessary ones.
  2. Do the most important tasks first. The unimportant can wait.
  3. Act fast. Stop analyzing too much. Build your momentum.
  4. Don’t be available every time. Set aside specific time for communication and meeting.
  5. Do it right the first time. This way you won’t spend extra time fixing the problems.
  6. Do things at the off-peak hours. Go to the mall during weekdays. Buy groceries during lunch time.
  7. Write a list of things you shouldn’t do. For example in work hours, don’t check Facebook.
  8. Set aside blocks of time for solid work. 60-90 minutes of solid work is good. Then rest for 10-20 minutes. Then work again. You’ll get more done this way.
  9. Exercise. You’ll gain more of what you give. Use it or lose it. Use your energy if you want to gain more of it.
  10. Focus on one task at a time. Avoid multi-tasking. It’s much more satisfying to finish one task at a time and then moving on to the next one.
  11. Learn how to say no. Not all requests and tasks matter. Do only the things that lead you closer to your goals.
  12. Don’t do so many meetings. If you’re a manager or team leader, one hour of meeting actually equals to several hours of lost productivity. If you have 5 members, that’s equivalent to 5 man-hours.
  13. Set up routines. The most productive have set times for waking up, exercise, and work. This makes sure you get things done.
  14. Clean and organize your desk. Remove all the clutter. This will help you think clearly.
  15. Set big goals because these release bursts of energy.
  16. Don’t check email or Facebook first thing in the morning. Focus on the most important first.
  17. Always set the tasks for the day. Don’t let yourself get pulled by random and unimportant tasks.
  18. Do the worst and most dreaded tasks first. Then you can enjoy the rest of the day.
  19. Set milestones. For example you’re writing a 1,000-word article. Do the first 200. That’s your milestone. Then set another one. This is like breaking a big task into smaller ones.
  20. Batch similar tasks. For example in the morning it’s pure writing. Then in the afternoon you take care of the email and other administrative stuff.
  21. Rise early. This way you’ll have the time for exercise and preparing your breakfast. It sets the right mood for each day.
  22. Relax. Your mind will be clear. You’ll make better decisions. You’ll respond appropriately.
  23. Meetings are still inevitable. Set clear agendas for each one.
  24. Use the 80/20 rule. Focus on the few that really matters. 80 percent or most of what you do might not be delivering enough results.
  25. Just act. Then adjust course along the way. Don’t overprepare. Focus on the essentials.
  26. Set a short deadline. You’ll focus more and focus only on the important. You’ll also save time.
  27. Make yourself accountable. If others know that you should accomplish something, you don’t want to lose face because you didn’t do it. The result is you’re likely to do it no matter what.
  28. Give yourself frequent rewards. A long journey without any reward along the way is demoralizing. This way you’ll enjoy the journey as well, not just the outcome.
  29. Improve your relationships. If you’re having problems with your partner or family, it’s not easy to be productive.
  30. Delegate. This is one of the best productivity tips you can apply. If you don’t have the time to do it, just ask someone.
  31. Remove the unnecessary steps in your tasks and project. If you can still do the project without that one step, get rid of it.
  32. Tie in your desired habit to an existing one. For example you want to brush your teeth 3 times a day. Right after eating, grab your toothbrush. Eating will trigger brushing your teeth.
  33. Make a list whenever you go grocery shopping. This way you won’t forget anything. And this will prevent you from wandering in all the aisles.
  34. Make use of the idle time. While commuting, listen to an inspiring podcast. During a boring meeting, think of how you can achieve your goals. While waiting for someone in an appointment, read an article.
  35. Get enough sleep.
  36. Drink more water.
  37. Avoid drinking too much coffee. It might give you a boost for an hour. But the rest of the day you’ll crave for more. Or you’ll feel down. It’s like living in borrowed time.
  38. Ask someone if there’s a faster way to do a certain task. She will be fast to offer you suggestions. Those might help you improve your productivity.
  39. If there’s no one to ask, use Google to search for “how-to” articles. You don’t have to figure it all out.
  40. Use upbeat music to raise your energy levels. You can also listen to mellow music if that’s more effective for you. Experiment. Or use them alternately.
  41. Use a timer. Or just look at the clock. For example you set your mind to start at 9am and finish the task before 11am. Stick with that. That’s your challenge.
  42. Stop watching TV. You’ll waste time in watching the commercials. You’ll also feel bad watching other successful people. It’s better to spend the time achieving more success for yourself.
  43. Minimize watching YouTube. Don’t watch all the viral videos.
  44. Reduce watching or reading news. Most of the news are irrelevant to you.
  45. Read and make less comments. Some comments are just negative and might ruin your mood.
  46. Eat healthy foods. If you always eat junk food, that will affect your health. That affects how much you can do each day.
  47. Turn off alerts and notifications. It’s hard to focus on anything if those pop up every now and then.
  48. Disconnect yourself from the media and internet for one day a week. Rest your eyes. The world will still be fine even if you missed dozens of updates.
  49. Check Facebook or other social networks only once or twice a day. Do all the comments, post your pictures, and like others’ posts during those times. Then you can move on with your life.
  50. Focus on one goal. Your goal is to gain muscle? Focus on that for at least a month. Get obsessed over it.

We’re almost halfway. Apply just one or two of the tips above and you might change your life. If you can do them all, it’s much better. Now here are the other productivity tips you need to know.

  1. Make it harder for you to waste time. For example you’re always tempted to check your phone. Turn it off and keep it away from you.
  2. Use the 2-minute rule. If a task only takes 2 minutes or less, just do it. You’ll get it off your plate and move on.
  3. When it’s work time, work. When it’s relax time, relax. Don’t mix the two.
  4. Do a sprint when you work. Make it intense for at least an hour. Then rest.
  5. You don’t need all the sophisticated online tools to become more productive. Just paper and pen might be enough.
  6. See the progress. Cross off your list those tasks you’ve finished. It gives a sense of accomplishment. That’s why paper and pen are valuable.
  7. Focus on your desired outcome. Once you’ve achieved it, stop.
  8. Look at the results once a week. What are things that produce the most results? What are the time-wasters?
  9. Problem getting enough sleep? Set up an alarm for sleep time. Once it rings, stop whatever you’re doing. Go to bed and sleep.
  10. Write the tasks. This is important but often forgotten. Don’t get it all stuck in your brain.
  11. Focus on effectiveness, not just efficiency. Effectiveness is about doing the right things. Efficiency is about doing things right. There’s a difference.
  12. Stay positive by hanging out with positive friends. These friends give you more energy. Negative friends will drain your energy.
  13. Stay first class. Go to beautiful places. Choose good airlines. Buy fewer but expensive stuff. What does it have to do with productivity? You’ll feel good. When you feel good, you’re more energized.
  14. Talk with successful people. Their enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll also know their stories of how they overcame challenges.
  15. Set the startup programs in your computer. This way whenever you turn on your computer, programs will automatically start. If you’re using Chrome and Skype you can set them up to open automatically.
  16. Chrome can also open a specific set of pages whenever you start it. For example you’re always checking Gmail and your company website. You can set them up to open automatically whenever you open Chrome.
  17. Use Gmail shortcuts. People will be amazed how fast you do your email tasks without leaving the keyboard.
  18. Further develop your skills. This will make you faster and more efficient. It will also help you become more valuable.
  19. Be punctual. This is to avoid rushing. It also signals to other people that you value time. They might start valuing yours also.
  20. Don’t let the unread memos and emails accumulate. Once they come act on them. Just get it off your desk. Once you touch it, do something about it.
  21. Improve your communication skills. Whether you’re talking with a boss or co-worker, clear communication is important. This is to avoid back and forth responses. This also leads to knowing and meeting their expectations.
  22. Document your tasks. Maybe there’s a series of steps you need to follow for a certain task. List them so you won’t forget anything.
  23. Use a checklist. Even pilots and doctors use one. Our senses get dulled as we do each thing again and again. You might forgot one important thing and that will ruin the project. But with a checklist, it’s sure that you’ll do all things correctly.
  24. Track your time. What gets measured gets managed as Peter Drucker said.
  25. Work with a mentor. He/she will point out your mistakes. The mentor will also help you learn fast.
  26. Focus more on contribution instead of consumption.
  27. Read productivity books. You’ll learn how the mind and body works best.
  28. Take naps. That will help you gain more energy.
  29. Finish what you start.
  30. Set only 3 most important tasks for each day. Don’t make dozens.
  31. Are you most productive during day or night? Do your most important tasks during your most productive hours.
  32. Make each day a successful one. Don’t break the chain. A successful life comes from many successful days.
  33. Schedule your leisure time. This way your mind focuses solely on getting rest.
  34. One hour before bedtime, stop looking at your computer or cellphone. Rest your eyes. It will help you fall asleep faster.
  35. Automate your bills. It’s a hassle to pay each one by going to their offices.
  36. List one or two productivity tips from here and start applying them.
  37. Add at least a 50 percent time buffer. For example the task is 1 hour, set aside 1.5 hours for it. Interruptions come out of nowhere. But with a buffer, you can still complete the task.
  38. Manage your emotions. Your emotions affect your productivity and well-being. If you feel positive, you’ll get more done.
  39. Use lateral thinking. Attack the problem sideways. Forget the conventional solutions for a while.
  40. Limit your choices. Set constraints. It will help you focus. It will also help you get more satisfaction from your decisions.
  41. Look at the feedback. Learn from it. Then look again. Improve further. Repeat.
  42. Learn the principles. This way you won’t have to memorize a bunch of tactics. Learn how your mind and body works to achieve high performance.
  43. Learn useful habits that will make you achieve more success and happiness.
  44. Instead of reading the whole book, read the actionable parts or summary instead.
  45. Simplify. This will help you focus on the essentials.
  46. Upgrade what you use every day. Upgrade your computer. Upgrade your internet connection. This will contribute to your daily productivity. Results will accumulate.
  47. Eliminate most of the icons on your desktop screen. They’re just clutter.
  48. Focus on the moment. Focus on the present task. Resolve your inner conflicts before starting.
  49. Know your ultimate goals. This way you can choose the daily tasks that lead you closer to those goals.
  50. Set your priorities. Eliminate the non-essentials. Just get on with it. Get it done. And enjoy the rest of the day.